Where to buy a personalised license plate?

There was a time years ago when buying private plates entail making a call to a moustachioed broker who will arrange a dinner in a restaurant or a round of golf at a country club between a prospective buyer and seller. The deal will be concluded with a cigar, handshake and massive cheque.


However, since DVLA entered into the personalised plate selling business, not only have prices for generic private plates dropped, there are now much easier purchasing options - and you don’t even have to call the moustachioed guy to broker the deal!



1. DVLA Online Auction Site


DVLA’s auction site offers a comprehensive database containing 45 million (and growing) every possible permutations of number plates you can buy. Well, aside from cherished plates in the personal inventory of speculators and brokers. Almost all of the plates listed on the auction site cost just a few hundred pounds. The most unique combinations naturally cost more.


DVLA also organises several live auctions every year. These auctions are held in strategic locations across the country, and offer novice speculators the chance to gauge the relative interests of particular types of sequences.


Moreover, purchasing license plates through DVLA’s online portal is as safe as making payments using a bank. You needn’t have to worry about fraud. However, you do have to worry about joy biddings, because DVLA will hunt after every successful bidder – with solicitors, if necessary.


Please also remember that all purchases are subject to VAT as well as an 8% buyer’s premium (£40 minimum).


2. Private Sales


The best type of private reg are found in the private market, so you will have to leave the comfort of DVLA’s site and search through online advertisements, classified listings, and most importantly, auction listings. If you don’t have the time to spare, you could of course hire a broker (not the moustachioed type) to find the perfect plates for you. However, please be aware of the broker’s fee and any addition fees before committing to a deal. In addition, do exercise a fair amount of caution when making payments via websites. Always perform your due diligence before handing your money over.



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